I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have been building custom guitars in my home workshop since 2019.

I fell into this craft when I decided to finally repair my old Stella guitar that I “destroyed” trying to refinish it many years ago. It came out great through the help of the good people at the kitguitarsforums.com. I decided from there to build a kit, my 12 fret D-18 copy.

From there it’s been a steep but rewarding learning curve to learn to build all hand made, custom guitars based on traditional designs and construction techniques such as hot hide glue construction, hand carved necks, bridges and scalloped bracing based what Martin Guitar’s designs were in the late 1930’s.

This is not my profession. I work full time in IT. I have a list and will consider commissions. Contact me if you are interested in having me build your next guitar! Price list coming mid 2021.